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Roll of DIET

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Objectives of the Organization:

  • To provide academic and resource support at grass-root level for the various strategies of elementary education.
  • To provide programme being undertaken in the areas of elementary education.  
  • To provide programme being undertaken in the areas of adult education.

Function of the Organization:

  • Training and orientation of following target groups:
  • Elementary school teachers (both pre-service and in-service), Head Masters, Instructors and supervisors of Non formal and Adult Education.
  • Members of DBE and Village Education Committees (VEC’s), community leaders, youth and other volunteers who wish to work as educational activities.
  • Resource persons who will conduct suitable level training   programmes for the target groups.
  • Academic and resource support to the elementary and adult education systems in the district in other ways e.g. by Extension activities and interaction with the field,
  • Provision of services of a resource and learning centre for teachers and instructors,Development of locally relevant materials, teaching aids, evaluation tools etc., and Serving as an evaluation centre for elementary schools and programmes of NFE/AE.
  • Action research and experimentation to deal with specific problems of the district in achieving the objectives in the areas of elementary education.
  • To provide training and guidance for implementation of programmes like activity based education and joyful learning and creating willingness to go to school.
  • To undertake research and experimentation for the problems of the educational arena and to solve them.
  • To familiarize Headmasters, teachers, C.R.C.s, B.R.C.s co-ordinators and supervisors with new approach.
  • To organize seminars and workshops to enhance the abilities for teaching subjects like Mathematics, Science, work Experience, Art teaching and Yoga teaching at the primary school level.
  • To provide guidance for diagnosis and remedies for abilities established by the students through capacity aimed evaluation and also lack of abilities thereof.
  • To provide guidance and evaluation techniques to ensure success for activity based education.
  • To visit alternative schools for migrant children and to give guidance there.
  • To visit V.E.C, M.T.A., .T.A. and provide guidance to the same.
  • To undertake programmes for non-ritualistic education.
  • To make lecturers to visit meetings arranged at C.R.C level & to provide guidance.
  • To improve, revise and upgrade the curriculum of training colleges with the changing time.