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Activities For Children
  • "Balmela" :
    • Every year all primary schools celebrate "Balmela" for The student of standard 1 to 4. In "Balmela", Students participate in various creative activities such as Origami work, Collage work, Clay modelling, Child story, Action song, Paper cutting, Patchwork, Drawing work, Colour work, Magic show, ….etc.
  • "Ramtotsav" :
    • Primary Schools of Surendranagar every year Celebrate" Ramtotsav "for the student of standard 1 to 7. " Ramtotsav “is celebrated from School level to State level
  • "Praveshotsav" :
    • According to the guidance of Education Department of Gujarat, "Praveshotsav" is celebrated in all the primary schools of the Surendranagar district. The students and teachers welcome the newly admitted students of std-1 in a traditional way
  • "Science & Maths Exhibition " :
    • Every year science and maths exhibition is arranged at 135 C.R.C. level for primary schools. This exhibition is also arranged for secondary / higher secondary / PTC. The selected models are demonstrated accordingly at block level, district level and state level
  • Science Experiment :
    • Maths - Science Mandal does many activities. One of them is mobile science experiment. Members of Mandal do practical work in his own school and near by schools. After the demonstration, students also do practical by them selves.



Activities For PTTI's Student

Under the guidance of DIET Surendranagar, all P.T.C. Colleges of the district, celebrates activities given below :

  • " Praveshotsav":
    • Combined "Praveshotsav" of all P.T.C. collages of Surendranagar district for newly admitted students of first year PTC is celebrated every year
  • " Natyotsav " :
    • Combined Drama festival is celebrated for the trainees of this district every year. The theme of the drama was based on PTC content
  • " Sport meet " :
    • Every year DIET organizes Combined sport meet for the trainees of district Surendranagar. Class and Inter college sports competitions were also organized by DIET for all PTTI Trainees of District Surendranagar
  • Competitions :
    • Song Competition, Essay Competition, Painting Competition, Elocution Competition, Sports Competition, Debate Competition etc.. held in all PTC colleges under the guidance of DIET
  • Block teaching & Internship :
    • First phase of internship of all PTC colleges was arranged in progressive area. Second phase of internship and block teaching are held in areas where girls education is poor. The effect of this programme is very high
  • Educational Planning :
    • Different group of the lecturers of all PTC colleges prepare subject wise planning under the guidance of DIET


Activities With Other


  • N.G.O.s Working under I.E.D.C.
    • National Association for the Blind
    • Saurashtra Handicap Mandal
    • Shri Pragna Chakshu Mahila Seva Kunj.
    • Shri Bhachau Taluka Khadi Gramodhyog Vikas Mandal
  • Co - Ordination with other Institutes
    • "MARAG", Chotila
    • "Art of Living", Limbdi
    • Maitri Vidhyapith "Manav Mandir", Surendrangar
    • Nehru Youth Center, Surendrangar
    • Lions Club, Surendrangar
    • Rotari Club, Surendrangar
    • "Mahila Samakhya" Wadhwan
    • "Gantar", Patadi
    • Aga Khan Trust, Sayala, Chotila, Muli.
    • "Mahila Suraksha", Surendrangar
    • District Primary Teacher Union, Surendrangar
    • District Education Inspector Union, Surendrangar
    • "Swati", Dhrangadhra



Information about Gujarat Achievement at Primary (GAP)

District : Surendranagar

District : Surendranagar


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56.94 %


61.75 %

PAC SEP. 2012

Meeting Organised on 20-09-2012. Director Shree R.C. Raval , District Education Committee Chairman, Deputy DPEO, Shree Nagjibhai Desai, BRCC, and All stafff members were present during the meeting.
The following decisions had been made during the Meeting of the PAC.

1. "Abhigya" School Project guidance and implementation
2. Training for Language teachers (4days)
3. Training programmes of WE branch
4. Quality Sharing Workshop with Good grade school in Gunotsav
5. Documentary on educational status of AGARIYA Area and students.
6. A day Workshop by CMDE branch on RTE including SCE.

(i) Copy Of The Application Form

(ii) Available Infrastucture Facilites Such As Land And Building Particulars

(iii) Staff Pofile

(iv) Recognition Letters Of B.Ed. Cours

(v) Sanctioned Programmes Along With The Annual Intake In The Institution

(vi) Name Of Faculty And Staff Pay Scale And Photograph

(vii) Name Of Faculty Members Who Left Of Joined During The Last Quarter

(viii) Names Of Students Admitted And Other Information

(ix) Fee Charged From Students

(x) Facilities Added During The Last Quarter

(xi) Number Of Books In The Library, Refereed Journals Subscribed To And Additions

(xii) Information For Having Fulfilled The Norms And Standard And Other Required Conditions